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Movers & Shakers is the innovation hub for those who are looking to make a difference. We work with innovators and game-changers in various sectors, so that they grow their ideas together with us. In a very short span of time, we have grown 12 companies and worked with hundreds of team members who have tapped into our growth modules. If you want to make a difference too, Movers & Shakers can become your growth partner.

Innovation Has a Home

Take a look at our world
Look at how far innovation has brought us
Visionaries have changed the way we share information
Revolutionised entertainment
Their passion inspires us to explore new ideas
Encourages us to challenge the norm
If we want to soar to new heights
And illuminate minds
So that we see the bigger picture
We start something that will change the world
We start here because now innovation has a home.

Growth Modules

Our partnership modules

Movers & Shakers seeks to usher in a new era of innovation by incubating entrepreneurial ventures focused on developing technologies and services that improve our quality of life. We aim to assist in building and scaling businesses that redefine the future.

Start Your Business

The ‘Start Your Business’ module provides a platform for those with ideas that could turn into the next big thing and who need help getting their businesses rolling. In this module, we will take you through the incubation stages that will prepare and guide your startup step by step. We will partner with you to get the most out of your idea.This partnership module will help you turn your idea into an operating business.


Lead a Business

For our ‘Lead a Business’ module, Movers & Shakers welcomes talented, committed, out-of-the-box thinkers who have the aptitude to lead a business built around an idea that we have come up with, explored and believe in. We believe that good leadership can guide a venture to a better future, push a team of changemakers to fulfill their potential and possibly change the entire market spectrum. This partnership module will help leaders become entrepreneurs.


Grow your Business

The ‘Grow Your Business’ module is for entrepreneurs who have been working with a winning idea and need that push to take their businesses to the next level. In this module, Movers & Shakers becomes, essentially, a growth centre for entrepreneurs and business owners. We will help you push past your limits, fine-tune your working methods and partner with you to ensure that you achieve dreams bigger than the ones you started out with. This partnership module will help you scale your business.


MS Companies

Some businesses that have grown with us


VMAG is a one-of-a-kind offering in the media sphere—a video magazine that produces cutting-edge multimedia stories about all things Nepal and Nepali. VMAG’s content can be consumed over various platforms: web, print, YouTube, TV and social media. Every Friday, VMAG publishes a 52-page print magazine of feature stories with complementary HD videos and audio podcasts over digital platforms and on national TV. VMAG’s print magazine has a weekly readership of over 150,000 and its videos have accumulated over 30 million watched minutes.


NEXT Venture Corp is a support system that enables entrepreneurs in Nepal to start and grow their businesses. NEXT’s mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible to more people, thus ultimately fostering Nepal’s economic development. NEXT provides entrepreneurial education, mentorship, market exposure, shared office spaces and resources, a supportive community, links to valuable networks and access to funding through NEXT Launchpad, NEXT Venture Hub, NEXT Venture School and NEXT Venture Fund.


WORXpro is a research-only company that actively focuses on four major areas of future technologies:
i) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
ii) Computer Vision/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
iii) Blockchains/Cryptocurrencies
iv) 3D-Printing/Robotics.
Founded in 2005, WORXpro is an agile team of passionate researchers exploring unexplored territories in the world’s biggest industry—technology.


EVENTS is a singular signature tourism-events company in the country. The company currently hosts two annual flagship events, Color Republic and Imagine Nepal. Color Republic, centred around the Hindu festival of Holi, is the country’s biggest colour-filled music and art festival, on its third year now, and aims to become one of the biggest festivals of its kind in South Asia. Imagine Nepal, one of the boldest and biggest tourism events in the country, has been exploring unchartered territories across Nepal via 4x4 expeditions, weekend hiking outings and camping getaways. EVENTS, adhering to its motto, “Because life is eventful”, will consistently get creative in presenting Nepal as it’s never been seen before, to local and international explorers.

Go International

GOInternational Finland is a Nordic international accelerator with a strong focus on the South and Southeast Asian markets. With their extensive networks, they take value-driven companies looking to penetrate new international markets quickly and efficiently. GOInternational provides go-to-market strategies and market-entry acceleration with Access to Funding, Venture Building and Growth Screening.


Excom is a new-generation real-estate company. It is a platform for you to buy a home or rent a flat, an advisor in matters relating to any property buying or selling and the first company you want to call when you want to become an active real-estate player. The real-estate industry, which plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, needs professionalism. By walking the talk, Excom has become a trusted partner, platform, and most importantly, a system that meets all kinds of real-estate needs.

Response Corp

Response Corp is a digital marketing company that offers fully integrated, holistic digital marketing services driven by actionable insights that will help increase your company’s brand recognition, through platforms such as Uptrendly. In the pipeline for a 2017 launch is Response Corp’s C2C e-commerce platform that will help facilitate exchanges of goods and services between buyers and sellers.


Uptrendly is the only influencer-marketing platform in Nepal that offers demographically and contextually targeted campaigns for brands and agencies, with over 100+ high-impact influencers who have a combined reach exceeding 10 million.

Starup Nepal

STARTUPSNepal is the startup community of Nepal. By providing an entrepreneurial atmosphere and startup energy to entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders, it seeks to build a thriving local startup ecosystem. Through its community portal (www.startupsnepal.com), you can discover startups, meet investors, connect with entrepreneurs, explore startup events and read inspiring stories and insightful articles. Over the years, STARTUPSNepal has become a gateway to Nepal’s blossoming entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Margo Nepal (previously known as Royal Marpha Suppliers) started out in 2014 by distributing organic fruit juices sourced from Marpha to select outlets in Kathmandu Valley. Today, Falfull—Margo Nepal’s brand—offers pressed (thus exceedingly healthful) organic apple and apricot juices devoid of added sugar, water and flavouring agents. Through Falfull, the company not only promotes the produce of the regions their fruits are sourced from, but also the regions’ people, who are integral to Falfull’s production process. In an era of MNCs’ controlling the Nepali market with mass-produced artificially flavoured products, Margo believes in Nepal’s rare organic potential and has set out with the vision of introducing its pure, organic produce to the global markets.

Le Guras

Udhyami Seed Camp is a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a business. Early-stage entrepreneurs come to Udhyami’s thematic startup bootcamps to refine their ideas, develop business models, learn from mentors and experts, gain exposure, attract seed funds, and start up their ventures. Udhyami Seed Camp works with its corporate partners to bring together the best resources for nurturing Nepal’s young innovations.

Le Guras

LeGuras is a clothing venture that provides Nepali customers with various ranges of high-quality apparel and accessory collections made and designed in Nepal. Blending international trends with local sensibilities, LeGuras focuses on creating quality designs and providing a quality customisation experience. LeGuras has set out with a vision to combine the uniquely placed brand image of Nepal with the purity of locally available fabric materials to create high-quality export-ready branded streetwear.

Sroth Code

Sroth Code is a mobile game development company that draws inspiration from Nepal’s rich and varied culture and history. In Sroth Code’s games, all the action takes place in Nepali locales or in settings that are informed by Nepal’s history, religions and culture. Sroth Code believes it can carve an identity in the global gaming sphere by capitalising on Nepal’s extraordinary riches. Sroth Code, with its unique strategy of producing 24 engaging mobile games annually, offers not only great experiences to gamers, but also creative advertising avenues to businesses.


FoodMario is a unique platform that connects home cooks with customers and delivers the cooks’ creations. Using Food Mario’s versatile online platform, home entrepreneurs can showcase their healthy, home-cooked fare, tweak their recipes on the basis of feedback received and grow their market. Food Mario is not just another platform that merely sells food; it seeks to create communities that come together to socialise over food and empower each other. Food Mario isn’t looking to disrupt any existing industry, but to create a whole new untapped ecosystem of its own, by providing entrepreneurial capacity to passionate home cooks, whom especially our subcontinent has no shortage of.

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